IKS Digital (IKS UAB) is a Lithuanian corporation. Since the year 2000, we have been working in the field of digital communication. Our activity is based on digital media development, programming work, and content production.


In Lithuania, we are one of the market leaders in specialized media. The absolute leader in the construction field is lt.allconstructions.com. We are developing another portal in the construction field, darykpats.lt, lifestyle anonsas.lt, business portal visasverslas.lt, agricultural agrozinios.lt, and regional portal viskas.lt. We have the greatest visitor monetization rate. We receive 3 euros per 1000 visitors from the benchmark Google Adsence, which is the total average for all formats (mostly Native advertising) of 30 euros per 1000 visitors.


In over 20 years of experience, we have meticulously examined what the perfect site for publishers should be. This is the Loudpublish platform that we built. It includes a content management system that is linked to a CRM and sends CRM data to the portal. It is a platform for classified stuff. All content is arranged in accordance with the categories that have been established. The information is divided into chunks based on relevancy.


Loudpublish.com is a rental platform. A website is established for you, which you may personalize to your liking. It is ideal for SEO; all you need to do is fill it with appealing content.


A business franchise is also an option. In this scenario, we may completely construct the website based on successful examples in Lithuania. We can translate high-quality text into the appropriate language and illustrate it with original photographs.


Contact sj@iks.lt, +370 68638666




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