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Updated: 2021-11-04

Content creators sooner or later face the dilemma of how to make some real money from what they write. In social networks, only the most successful content creators make money by providing the clients with the product. Only the most popular ones get the money for the views too. However, most of them also have professional websites where they store their content and get the viewers used to constant visits. A large flow of visitation of a website can also come from the website’s rise in the google search. A website that is well managed and often visited can bring way bigger money than any social media page. For example, the IKS website group with 120 – 150 000  visitors per month brings about 100 000 euros per year. In order to support this kind of website group, around 100 articles and 300 product descriptions are written every year. The management of the website requires the attention of 3 people, so if you’re ready for this kind of business, the only thing you need to do now is to create a professional publisher’s website.


Professional website for publishers 

 A website for a publisher is a tool for success. Those who choose to have a professional website made with the help of free website building programs are often disappointed. They are not designed to monitor the traffic and are often not adaptable to a large amount of data and visitor flow. Publishers usually create websites on their own, but this is expensive (about 30 – 140 thousand euros) and takes up quite a long time, usually up to 12 – 24 months. However, even though it is more expensive, it usually integrates customer’s CRM (Customer Relationship Management), accounting of the website, a database that is connected to the clients, ads, and e-commerce – all that is never offered by elementary website development programs. IKS website group went a long way in designing and improving the applications on the sites – every small detail and nuance of the content placement was and still is evaluated. For example, comparing this website group with other similar tested programs, you can upload an article in IKS by using only one third of the steps required everywhere else, which means that 2 admins will be enough, instead of the regular 3. Special tools were created in order to make certain changes that would typically require a programmer’s help. These websites took a long time of preparation to operate as quickly as they do to manage big amounts of data and visitor flow. The platform is compatible with CRM which is used for sales and for filling blocks with corporate and merchandise advertising. Analysis tools have been developed which provide online results reports for the customers. It was decided to use the developed platform not only for group portals but also to offer it to other market participants. In this way, the portal is offered not just by programmers, but by peers that work in the same market and know everything to the smallest detail.


Creation of a professional website

 Creating a website using is like building a puzzle house. No programmers are needed, you can do everything by yourselves, except maybe some help with the design. Unlike other programs, however, the designer can make elementary sketches that you will be able to upload to the website yourself. A bit of a problem with designers because most of them only think about the convenience for the visitor, forgetting that the visitor has to bring in the money. The design of our websites is out of the ordinary and seems overwhelming and cramped to most of the designers. However, the visitor’s behavior on the website that is shown, is a good indication that he/she is aware of the structure and is satisfied with the situation. Like for us, the best visitor rating is the actual time spent on the website. We can see according to the results, that the average time of 5 minutes per article are spent on the website and 2 minutes per a commercial product and company’s description are spent accordingly. Most visitors typically go to the very bottom of the article too.

 how to create website



This is how a modern design of a website looks like. You provide us with the logo and your preferences for the background and the menu bar. The logo, page background and menu bar are made by the programmer and is the result that we present to the customer. Underneath this “minimalism” there are thousands of hours of programmer’s work. On the right-hand side (later on referred to as the "admin window") are the modules you will use to design your website. Even if you don't have the skills, it will only take a few days to create it.

Creating a menu bar is easy as well. The menu bar is needed to facilitate visitors to find specific topics or locations. About 60 percent of internal search users use this type of search. Lists the most important topics that open a window of selected categories or locations are provided on the menu bar, so clicking on the links takes you to a category or location that you desire to see.


creating of cetegories in website


Before you can create a menu bar, you will need to create the intended portal themes and categories. Later, these categories will be places where articles, products and companies will be conveniently archived. Exactly the categories and locations generate about 90 percent of the visitor traffic. A neat categories’ branch is the first step to success. This will allow you to expand content archiving to the infinity. This structure also allows the content to remain active indefinitely – the content use will be limited only by its loss of relevance. However, for example, if you submit an article on back exercise let’s say, such article will remain online forever. Such consistency is liked by google and it puts such articles in the best position. This generates a lot of visitor traffic from google search.


hor to create page in website


Designing the page is done by using the administrator’s window PAGE. PAGE is divided into 12 equal parts where you can create three different sized columns. You can experiment as much as you want to find the best layout solution and you may even find a more optimal solution than we use. Firstly, open the page creation window in the Admin section. Secondly, select which page you are going to create (it can be title, specific categories, locations). Step three is adding a column, step four – adjusting the column width and five – add the block.


hor to create website block


Page consists of blocks that will form the main design of the page. 1. Choose Admin window; 2. Select a name; 4. Linking the content. Dynamic block forming programming (3) is one of the biggest advantages of our program. When you choose this function, you can adjust (5+) the picture size, background color, note size, color, format, position near the picture, number of pictures, direction, different sorting. Also, the name of the block itself, formats. That is, doing what used to be done by designers or programmers.


article publishing in website


The actual design of the website comes together after creating at least a few articles. It is a very simple process – 1. title, short description, text. You have many additional features that help manage your text. 2. immediately assigning texts to specific blocks, categories, and locations. 3. put together the pictures – they can be integrated into the text as well.


quick view company crm


Company’s quick view CRM allows the seller to quickly locate the company, and the administrator to enter the required data. 1. Company’s data bar which can be expanded by using the windows below (3). The windows below are search / filter that help carry out a useful search by certain parameters. 2. Sorting the company data by an updated specific date ranges is a great tool in order to evaluate the salesperson’s performance. Each window has a sorting function of its own.

We give our clients the opportunity to engage in a company from our database. You will see basic information about the company. Filling in your company activity data will help you feel safe about that data – no one else can see them.


company data fill in crm


Company Data Filling in CRM is only visible to a manager with specific rights. 1. Custom categories with different descriptions are available and the levels are assigned accordingly to the block in the company’s website. This is a block similar to a google ads block. No advertising suppression program, like an organic portal block, works here. 2. History of the managers. 3. Notes and future activity tasks. 4. Articles assigned to the company. 5. The goods / articles. You can quickly edit your goods and products. Such a profile becomes, in its functions, close to a normal corporate website. This is usually enough for the buyer to get the impression of the company and to choose the product according to his / her wishes. Direct purchases are in the future planning for our website.

Some things in the portal are invisible for the customer, but they are still very important in influencing the success of the website. First, programming of the portal for google search is done. Internal software accounts for about 10 – 15 percent of the success of the website. What also adds up to the success is whether the portal material loads quickly enough. When there is a lot of data and visitors’ traffic increases, sudden stopping or even breakdown of the portal is a common problem. This is usually caused by wrongly targeted tasks for programmers and the use of wrong programs.


Website rating in google


Website about building ASA.LT (1) has been operating for twenty years already and is a leader in its field. The leader status is secured by the opportunities provided to the customers that allows the website to earn money from advertising and investing in the development. ASA.LT usually wins the competition against other similar websites. However, this is not just about the internal programming, as most strong websites have pretty good programming nowadays. The thing that adds the most value to the website is a good-quality content. However, the brand-new website VISKAS.LT (2) more than usually pop up high in the google search, which shows a high-quality programmatic SEO system.


attendance report


The results report can be presented at a completely different level than in social networks. We learn how to create reports that show contents (1), visitor’s traffic (2) and time spent on the specific content (3). The client sees the results online while he / she is connected to google analytics data for a short period of time.


The perspectives of website creation and how much it costs


We have been developing and improving our portal development program for several decades now. During that time, the programs we used changed, but the essence of it remained. It is a maximally publisher-friendly application that is linked to a successful group of IKS portals. We are always full of new ideas as new tools emerge and e-commerce opportunities grow massively. By purchasing this program, you become our partner with whom we can participate in the development of the program together.

The basic cost of the program is 2000 euros. After paying this amount, the first 100 buyers acquire investor’s status. For 5 years all the software updates will be installed to your platform completely free of charge.

Additional costs: Monthly website support on a server costs 50 euros if you are using less than 100 GB of client traffic per month, and additional 2 euros per gigabyte if needed.

Monthly software support costs 100 euros, which includes website’s server maintenance and hacking protection. The first 100 clients will be eligible for paying by advertisements.

Portal design, block and landing pages creating - 1500 eur.

Programming additional modules by request costs 60 euros per hour.

If you have an existing website and you want to move it to a new platform, that would cost you, depending on the hours spent on the job, around 1500€ as per average.

Write or call +370 68638666

How to make money from publishing


Most media outlets fail to develop their own advertising sales, since highly qualified specialists do not get involved with startup websites, and newcomers often fail to sell. In most cases, a successful salesman is one of the founders of the company in the beginning. He / she sells advertising, take up at training and supervising other recruits and new employees. As a result, smaller media outlets usually trust their sales to well-known agencies or sales networks. Small websites are not usually interested in these structures here in Lithuania. The website group IKS immediately set up their own sales department and Sergejus Jeriomenko created this portal group after leaving the biggest media planning outlet at the time – CMS. 5 years have been spent working with active advertising sales. We have worked with the major advertising clients, agencies and media outlets.

The accumulated experience allows us to quickly train a new member of the team and the group, maintain his / her level of knowledge and motivation. Knowledge on how to co-develop a particular advertising field is at its best here. Our well-trained salespeople can easily work on selling common promotional advertising packages. We also offer the training sessions for our partners’ sales managers.

Portals and websites are also a great start for those seeking EU support in publicity and publishing projects. Within a couple of weeks, a new website will be created to host all the content sponsored by the EU or other institutions.

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