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Updated: 2020-09-29
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The web page (ASA), where you can find all the information necessary for construction, is the leader in the field providing information in Lithuanian language. Founded in 2001, step by step, this web page has become the dominant one among other news media and expositions of traditional constructing. It also remains the leader in the Internet media for construction.

Audience overview

In one year, is visited by around 1 million different visitors.

The web page achieved this competitive advantage by creating the structure of information organised by context. An interested person in one URL address can find some introductory articles of that concrete domain, as well as instructions, companies and products of that field. ASA was created in 2000 using PHP, later it was recreated with Ruby and Rails which was the beginning of the platform. The years passed and the internal SEO was refined which is accepted by google even with the new algorithms arising. It is perfectly illustrated by the ASA web page occurrence in the google search below:

The amount of key phrases

In a half-year, ASA been found with 48K+ different key phrases.

The high income from advertisements allowed to create the quality content which has also contributed to the competitive supremacy of the page. The organisation of advertisements in the page ensures the high income from them. In one URL address can be about 20-40 advertising links receiving many clicks. An average Clickthrough rate (CTR) in this web page is about 20%. In total, around 80% of the web page visitors are directed on advertising material or on content with integrated advertising material. In a year, the web page gets approximately 150 000 euros income from advertising. 

Advertising possibilities on ASA based on platform:

Advertising possibilities on ASA

1. Integration of advertisements into the content, with an attention-grabbing description illustrated with the client's production that reaches the audience through google search;

2. Visible advertisements of the companies in addition to the total content of that particular domain, similar to google advertising format;

3. The advertisemenst of products with their descriptions, popping out with key phrases baased on location. It is a format similar to AliExpress, eBay products advertising format;

4. Klient consultations and some more similar formats allow to form the image of the companies' specialists.


After buying platform you will be provided with the basic set of services:

1. The creation of the web page with basic set - 2 000 Eur;

2. Monthly maintenance and service fee - 100 Eur;

3. The design and page blocks of your liking - from 2 000 Eur;

4. The transfer of an existing web page - from 2 000 Eur.


The first 100 clients will be treated as investors and the updates of their web pages will be free of charge for 24 months.

The creation of any additional functions and modules will be charged separately.

The web page will be created in 5 work days. 





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