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Updated: 2021-11-06

Almost every business has a website, and many people have an online presence. Given the circumstances, many businesses should reconsider the notion of a website, revamp it, and modify it to perform more effectively.

A website enables a company's activities to be expanded into extra online activities. The web has become the primary location of activity for many businesses.

Commercial business websites and media websites are two types of websites. The usage of visitor traffic is what distinguishes the two. Commercial websites are built with the goal of converting visitors into buyers. A visitor to a media website, on the other hand, is a commodity to be sold to those who can convert that visitor into a customer.



How to Create a Business Website

Consideration of free or low-cost alternatives should be avoided at all costs. The present online competitiveness necessitates big expenditures. A business website has two major goals: to be appealing to customers and to serve as a tool for attracting clients.

A business card website is intended to highlight your expertise and promote yourself to your consumers in a professional manner. This is the most straightforward choice. The website must be tidy, appealing, and offer the key items or services in a high-quality manner. Often, while developing such a website, thought is devoted to how to do this.

There are various approaches to this. You may create a business card website on your own by using free or low-cost template-based web development services. These are low-cost websites for businesses that do not require frequently updated content; a static self-presentation suffices.

Google Sites is a free website builder provided by Google. Text, images, maps, and documents can all be added. Templates are relatively restricted in terms of functionalities. A domain can be bound for free.

WIX is most likely the world's most popular website builder. There are several design templates available, as well as the possibility of integrating with payment systems. You pay by linking your own domain to prevent exposing Wix adverts, hence expanding server space.

With these website builders, you may create a conventional style website, but it will be difficult to compete with Google search. Furthermore, the establishment of such a website is typically linked to the builder. If paid choices are not offered, builders tend to stagnate after a time.

Making a profile in directories is a need for low-cost websites. For the economic class, this is the simplest and most useful approach. Websites are typically devoid of design, although they may attract visitors.

In Lithuania, you may create a website using the IKS portals ( for construction, for lifestyle, for business, for agriculture, and for everything else). The emergence of in the advertising business exemplifies the international use of this alternative. has generated roughly 15% of its global Internet advertising revenue from advertising merchant profiles in recent years. Companies do not set up their own e-commerce sites, but instead conduct all of their business through's trading platform. This is analogous to a retail center that has stores that are unrelated to the mall's proprietors. The proprietor of the center generates money from the renting of the space by attracting customers to his establishment. The IKS portals are appropriate for static company displays, and, a trade platform in Lithuania, is expanding its operations. It is possible to point your own domain to the IKS portals.

Such websites/profiles are dependent on the platform's traffic, which is created via exclusive spots or advertising. There is a slim probability of appearing in a Google search.

Mid-level web development packages enable you to build a website that can already compete in Google search results. It is also common to be able to create a business card for a firm while simultaneously integrating a marketing system. This is the next generation of e-commerce sites.

Worldpress is capable of producing a high-quality business card/e-commerce website that can compete with Google. There are both free and paid choices available. Worldpress is something that should be left to a professional who is more knowledgeable about web development. CMS is an extremely user-friendly method for constructing a website from blocks once you become used to it. WooComerse is a popular e-commerce plugin that will allow you to add commerce functionality to your website. The Hubspot Wordpress plugin, which allows you to establish a CRM, is worth mentioning.

Premium websites are typically equipped with sophisticated marketing, process management, and content hosting technologies. Only a top professional or team of specialists should be entrusted with the development of your website. There are several considerations to be taken, not just concerning content hosting (which is a given at this level), but also about design. There are several procedures involved with such websites, and speed is critical. Weak systems will crash under excessive demand. For commerce, an e-shop may be developed for a smaller website utilizing the aforementioned Wordpress,, or These e-commerce builders are compensated; the plans are generally based on the number of plugins and volume. Developers like to utilize their own technologies for major e-commerce sites. When deciding who to collaborate with, it is important to consider the items they have created. They do differ, and the erroneous decision is frequently a source of continual annoyance. It frequently results in total rework and a loss of investment.



Media and influencer websites

The media websites fall into a distinct category. The online media industry is still struggling to make a living, and this is partly owing to poor website design decisions. The most serious issue is the monetization of traffic. Building a website using Wordpress, for example, is linked to automatic advertising placement networks such as Google Adsence. The average income per 1000 visits in this situation is roughly €3. Classified business directories, on the other hand, generate around 15 euros for every 1,000 visits. Furthermore, classified content networks with native advertising produce around €50 per 1000 visitors. is a website builder for media. It is used by APA websites in Lithuania with the highest monetisation per visitor. Loudpublish enables highly exact ad matching, which lowers the cost per click while increasing the number of clicks (CTR) owing to greater click-through rates. The platform's own advertising blocks boost clickability as well. The platform is also highly optimized for Google search, and it frequently beats material posted on other sites. The builder includes a user-friendly block-based web construction system, ergonomic content positioning, and a high-level CRM system that is integrated. To develop a website with this platform, you must have content administrator abilities.


Every influencer who wants to make a livelihood as an influencer should have a website. A social media channel or profile should only be used to promote your website. Those that have realized this are much better at monetising their visitors because:

- social networks have a very low cost of monetising a visitor

- the material provided loses its value after a few days and does not raise the value of the profile. As long as the topic is topical, it might be valuable on a website

- unstable social networking algorithms, as well as potential disconnections, provide a danger of losing all business in minutes

- the algorithm of social media is unfriendly to influencers of important themes and great material.



Where to Begin When Creating a Website

Designing an idea is the first step in creating a website. Its development is not delegated to Ui / UIX experts. The concept is created by the company's marketing experts. They must make an informed decision on the finest website solution for their company. A web professional may be there as well to analyze the extent of work and the phases of additions. It is usually best to start with a business card, but if you have something to offer, consider an alternative that allows for e-commerce without revamping the website.

Making a decision on a content management system. The most promising websites are those that can be transformed into a cloud-based company management system. The website is intended for both visitors and staff. As a result, methods for connecting CRM, business, financial management, and accounting software in real time should be evaluated. It is not yet appropriate to link uix or designers.

Getting a domain and hosting. The website will need to be redirected to a specified address with a certain name. The website should ideally be built on your server, with a domain or subdomain. The progress may then be viewed by signing in to the software online. You might put the milestones to the test online.

Usually, the fundamental element is completed in a few days. The basic, for example, is completed in one day.

Work on design. Websites today are primarily block-based, with little to no design other than a simple arrangement of redirected links and content blocks. A designer is required to layout the columns and the sizes of the photo blocks.

Making the initial blocks and adding the first content. The application should be designed in such a way that the website can be put together by a layperson with web portal management skills.The programmer should be kept out of the construction of the website's blocks and pages. This is owing to the high cost of a programmer (5 to 6 times that of an administrator) and the scarcity of qualified professionals. As a result, is one of the finest solutions for medium - premium websites, including commercial ones. After the basic version has been installed, the portal administrator may be used to complete all tasks.



Content creation for commercial websites

It has been discovered that the quality of the material on a website has more to do with the content than the design of the website. There are several situations when a website with a decade-old design receives more traffic than a comparable premium one. It receives more visitors since its material is of higher quality.

The visual material must be given special consideration. Poorly produced photographs and films are vexing. Especially when there is already a selection of photographs of far higher quality. It is worthwhile to hire specialists who make photographs by employing the proper lighting and high-end equipment. You should also begin investing in the development of visual films.

They have two advantages. The video attracts visitors from YouTube and also assists the customer in selecting after being drawn in by your website.

Ergonomics is also crucial in content creation. Especially if there are a lot of items that are often modified. During a period when programmers were in limited supply, a programming firm was recruited to maintain the website. After the upgrade, adding material, which previously required 5 steps, took just 8 steps. This implies that instead of two administrators, three will be required to complete the same amount of work. Compared to the CMS, stands out for its extremely user-friendly content hosting strategy. It has been created and polished over a decade by professionals in content creation and hosting.



Creating media content

Media content requires not just an ergonomic CMS, but also an app that can handle huge traffic levels. Small elements, such as a poorly optimized picture size, can sometimes stymie a portal's performance. This is the beginning of problems, such as a visitor departing without having read the material. This results in penalties in Google's algorithm, resulting in a loss of search position. Mid-tier builders, such as Worldpress, are frequently not built for huge traffic numbers.

All of these details have been ironed out by, which operates in real-world scenarios.


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