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Updated: 2021-09-21

Contextual solutions clearly dominate the advertising market. The first level of search engine solutions is now Google and YouTube. The second tier, however, is clearly obvious: native advertising and influencer content. Billions of dollars have already been invested in these markets. This is only the beginning. This market is in its early stages and it has the potential to compete with the advertising marketplaces of Google, Facebook, and Amazon in the future. This is a natural development when ordinary influencers turn into normal publishers. What is now available on the market will not suffice to build monetising links.

Our solution enables influencers to create a portal that allows them to work profitably on creating content. Today if a publisher receives 3 to 5 euros per 1,000 visitors from banner advertising in our country, we get 30 to 40 euros per 1,000 visitors. This is due to our own banner advertising, far more accurate contextualised non-intrusive advertising, and excellent conversion rates. In Lithuania, where we operate, our EBITDA is over 30%, therefore we make a comfortable living just from online activities.

We would like to invest in developing our company and products into new markets. Our company can provide franchisees. Our business is the most successful in the construction market and can offer modern content, photos and knowledge. We also work in agriculture, automobiles, tourism, food, and health care.

We are looking for financial investments as well as possibilities to expand our portals into other areas, merge with existing specialised portals and upgrade them with our software.

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